Tearing Wires, Building Bridge

In late February, I was invited to give a reading at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley’s art festival. While I was in the Valley, poet Emmy Pérez and writer Britt Haraway drove me to Hidalgo to one of the stretches of the US-Mexico wall.

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I am an author and speaker, an artist, and a community and cultural activist.

If I can use my talents and passions to inspire you or your network to push boundaries and become involved in our communities, please connect with me. I am open to schedule readings, workshops, courses or multimedia installations.Universities and non-profit organizations based in Texas can apply for Texas Commission on the Arts grants to fund Sarwar’s workshops, readings and/or installations since she serves on the Texas Touring Roster.


Sehba Sarwar Art Car
Front hood of art car, Digital Meets Pakistani Truck Art, featuring stickers of buraq images from Karachi; photo by Burnell McCray