2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, February 3-4, 2018: On Belonging - Reading and installation at the Menil Collection campus. Click here for details.

February 2018: "They Will Make Muslims Out of Us." Essay forthcoming in Aleph Review.

Recent Activity Highlights:

Aug 2017: Reading at Blood on the Tracks at Cielo Galleries, Los Angeles, CA.

Jun 2017: Reading at A Midsummer Night's Salon a backyard performance series, Los Angeles, CA.

May 2017: Book launch and reading for Voices Breaking Boundaries' latest publication, Borderlines Volume Three, Brazos Bookstore, Houston, Texas.

Feb 2017: Poetry reading and moderated two panels at Karachi Literature Festival, Karachi, Pakistan.

Nov 2016: Hosted A celebration of Voices Breaking Boundaries' Special Collections Archives Celebration at the University of Houston, Rockwell Pavillion, Houston, TX.

Jun 2016: Curated Borderlines Returns to Near Northside, Voices Breaking Boundaries pop-up production, Houston, TX.

Jun 2016: Essay: "A Delicate Matter in the Examination Room." Lives column, New York Times Magazine, 2016.

Jun 2016: "Globalization, Borders, and the Rights and Status of Children" panel discussion at Global Studies Conference 2016 Crossing Borders: People, Capital, Culture conference, Austin, TX.

May 2016: Artwork included in Project Row Houses' Collectors Club exhibition, Houston, TX.

Apr 2016: Reading and conversation about The Interview: Red, Red Future, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX.

Apr 2016: Project Row Houses Collectors Club exhibition, Houston, TX.

Apr 2016: Reading and conversation about Borderlines Volume Two by Voices Breaking Boundaries at Brazos Bookstore, Houston, TX.

Apr 2016: Panelist at Mitchell Center for the Arts CounterCurrent Festival discussion, Home Improvement Public-Private-Participatory-Park: Recreational Resistance, Houston, TX.

Apr 2016: Feeding Ourselves, a collaborative performance with Christa Forster and Yaksha Bhatt at Rothko Chapel's symposium in partnership with the University of St. Thomas, Alternative Economies, Resilient Communities, Houston, TX.

Mar 2016: Reading and Borderlines book launch, South Asia Institute, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.

Jan 2016: Accepted into Texas Commission on the Arts' Traveling Artist Roster, Austin, TX.

Feb 2016: Reading and Borderlines book launch, at Karachi Literature Festival, Karachi, Pakistan.

Nov 2015: “What Is Home?” Borderlines Volume Two, pp 29-36. Eds. Margot Backus and Maria Gonzalez. 2015. Houston: Voices Breaking Boundaries.

Nov 2015: Exhibit from my blog What Is Home?, Houston Central Library, 500 McKinney Street, Houston, TX.

Nov 2015: Reading and exhibit from What Is Home?, Houston Central Library, Houston, TX.

May 2015: What Is Home? Performance/Installation with readings from memoir, conversation, food and more at Baker-Ripley Community Center, Houston, TX.

May 2015: Essay Skyping My Father Goodbye." Gray Matters, Houston Chronicle, Houston, May 6, 2015.

Mar 2015: What Is Home? Dialogue on Crossing Borders, Practicing Love - a reading and talk at University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX

Jan 2015: Essay "No Borders: Delhi 25 Years Later." Aman Ki Asha, Karachi, Pakistan, February 04, 2015.