how would you like me now? …

L: Artist Mel Chin; R: Cover of good, designed by Mel Chin (2000)

I met Mel Chin twenty-two years ago when I was invited to submit an essay for good, a publication that the late Houston philanthropist Toni Beauchamp commissioned Mel to edit. My essay became the kernel for the memoir that I am in the process of completing. In 2007, Voices Breaking Boundaries, the social justice arts organization that I started in Houston, honored Mel with our annual Valiente award. Over the years, like all who are passionate about social justice, racial equity, and the arts, I have continued to follow Mel’s work and have attended his exhibitions whenever our paths intersected.

When I emailed Mel to ask if he would participate in the anti-racism reading that I had proposed to Armory’s executive director Leslie Ito, Mel not only said yes, but he also generated the title, How would you like me now?

On June 29 at 5pm PT, I am honored and humbled to converse and read with Mel Chin at a virtual reading hosted by the Armory Center for the Arts, and I miss my Houston arts community who made this connection possible. To learn more about the event and to register to attend, please click here.