I offer a broad range of workshops and courses.

I specialize in identifying urgent social issues that I integrate into workshops and college courses.

Sehba Sarwar with students at Baker-Ripley Community Center (Houston); photo: Michelle Garcia

As a writer, educator, and artist, I am committed to global consciousness and social justice. Over the past three decades, I have designed a diverse range of adult and youth writing and multidisciplinary workshops. My training and experience in arts leadership, communities, and classrooms places me in a unique position to integrate cultural knowledge into courses and workshops that I design for universities, schools, and non-profit organizations.

For twenty years, I served as Artistic Director and Founder of an alternative arts organization prior to which I worked in public education. I have training in leadership, team building, strategic planning, conflict management, and implementation of equity and justice. I design and teach courses for adults and youth. My specialty lies in connecting real life issues to art-making and creating bridges that lead to better understanding between diverging communities.

Because of my multifaceted experiences as artist and organizer alongside my long-term history designing workshops, I have the knowledge and background to create a workshop that meets your needs.

If you’d like me to teach a workshop in your community or offer a talk on your campus, please contact me.

University Highlights / Upcoming Gigs

Designed curriculum and co-taught Art as Activism undergraduate course for Mitchell Center for the Arts, University of Houston, Houston, TX; Fall 2014

Sehba Sarwar Center for Education
Zinda Bhaag (Run for Your Life) co-director Meenu Gaur and producer Mazhar Zaidi with Sehba Sarwar; photo by Logan Sebastian Beck

I collaborated with history professor Dina Al-Sowayel, PhD to design and teach a class, Art as Activism, through which students researched and interviewed artists who are based around the globe and who are tacking social justice issues through their work. Classroom activity also included a classroom visit by Pakistani film directors Meenu Gaur and Mazhar Zaidi.



Since Summer Quarter 2019 when I designed an online course, Storytelling for Social Justice, for UCLA Extension’s Writers’ Program, I have taught during several sessions. The next session will start in September 2021.

You can register here.

Sehba built student confidence by having us share our work in a safe, constructive environment. The course was structured in a way that encouraged technical and editing improvements. I left the course with work I can publish.

student, Writers’ Program, UCLA Extension

Sehba is one of the most encouraging and accessible instructors I've ever worked with.

student, Writers’ Program, UCLA Extension

I wasn't able to comprehend how profoundly Sehba had affected me until I found myself impatient to write, often anxious just to get my hands on a pen...It seemed as though at every turn, Sehba was there to urge me on. Her deliverance of voice and reason kindled a flame inside me.

— student, The Rice School/La Escuela Rice

I enjoyed the open, safe and friendly atmosphere of the course, where I felt free to experiment and engage in such an unfamiliar activity as storytelling. Sehba encouraged us very much to be courageous about our writing, trust ourselves and keep working. It helped a lot and gave me confidence in achieving the goal that I set for the course.

— participant, Storytelling Together,
Caltech International Spouse’s Club, Spring 2020


I am an author and speaker, an artist, and a community and cultural activist.

If I can use my talents and passions to inspire you or your network to push boundaries and become involved in our communities, please connect with me. I offer a range of services including: readings, workshops, courses, or multidisciplinary performances/installations. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sehba Sarwar Art Car
Front hood of my art car, Digital Meets Pakistani Truck Art, featuring stickers of buraq images from Karachi; photo by Burnell McCray