24 Jun, 2011

from karachi

24 Jun, 2011

There is a shift that happens when we land in Karachi. Life slows down and we adjust to late nights, late mornings and daily load-shedding when the house operates off the uninterruptible power source (UPS) or the electric generator. By our third day, we already understand the pattern, and for once the daily electric outages are predictable: we won’t have electricity for an hour at a time three times a day (11 am, 4 pm and 10 pm).

I remember other times in recent years—and while growing up—when one didn’t know when or how long the outage would last. Compared to those times, an hour without regular electricity, and with a ceiling fan still rotating, is nothing to complain about.

And of course, to compensate for minor inconveniences, there are family members, friends—and mangoes.

In the larger picture, the heat is a simple reminder of the privileged life we live, not just in Houston but also in Karachi.