20 Aug, 2007

I make up songs for Minal every…

20 Aug, 2007

I make up songs for Minal every day and I’m considering creating a blog just for her so I can put in my nonsensical thoughts about her. But then, the thought of fragmenting and creating another task seems too much. So for now, my Minal stories will just be here, in Daily Noise.

My songs this week:

1. are you my chooza mooZA?
2. I say yes, you say yes yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes (this one was created to help her eat her breakfast yesterday)
3. minal meri rani hai, rani hai, rani hai
4. minaloo mera bhalloo hai, minalloo bhalloo bhalloo

Last night Minal cries a lot before I put her down. “I feel like crying,” she says. “Go to sleep, close your eyes,” I say, tired. “I close my eyes after I get done crying.” I am silenced by her words. This morning I ask her why she was crying last night. “Because you get up off my bed,” she replies. My chooza, getting brighter and more expressive by the day.