01 Aug, 2012


Sehba Sarwar
01 Aug, 2012

Photo by Akbar Baloch

“Why do I need to tell you my story?” asks Atta Mohammad. “What do I gain from doing this interview? I’ve done many interviews and there have been many documentaries. But has anything changed?” He shrugs his shoulders and looks around his street shop filled with fans, bulbs and wires. “Nothing.”

I ask him to write his own story. “At least that will be a way for you to talk about yourself – and no one else will document and then take your words away.”

A group of children have assembled around us. Some are peering into my video camera, while others are posing for Akbar Baloch.

Atta Mohammad nods. “You can interview me. But I’m telling you my truth—about how I feel today. And I can write an essay for you. I will need to think about what to say…I will send something.”