10 Nov, 2007

Today, I was sharing with…

10 Nov, 2007

Today, I was sharing with friends that Minal and I will be returning to Karachi soon to see my father who hasn’t been well.

One friend (like most people with whom I share this information) asks me: “It sounds rough over there. Will you be ok?”

“Yes, Musharraf’s martial law is scary,” I reply. “But the response to him is what should be happening in the US. In Pakistan, people are protesting, speaking out and risking their lives. And that is a good thing.”

In the meantime, there’s been an attempt by Musharraf to completely silence the media, but one can get snippets of news by visiting youtube and see students and lawyers protesting against Musharraf. Angry as I am at what’s unfolding in Pakistan, I find myself wishing that civil action was what happened in every country where governments stripped the people of their rights.