14 Feb, 2011

a busy day…

14 Feb, 2011

Today has been a busy day for 6-year-old Minal. I want her to know what protest and celebration feel like in this country, so we head out to west Houston to attend the gathering in front of the Egyptian Consulate. There, about 100 people assemble with drums, flags and balloons to celebrate a new start for Egypt. Children and elders are among the crowd that is mixed with Egyptians, Arabs, South Asians and Houstonians. TV cameras along with police cars are also there to mark the event. As the flags billow in the wind, drivers and passengers in passing cars, roll down their windows to beep and wave in support of changes in Egypt.

From west Houston, we turn back around and and head into town to land at the Menil Collection where Da Camera has organized a special event for families and children; musicians work with children to use their bodies to respond to the music. Needless to say, we run into many friends at the performance, including Minal’s summer school music teacher Creston.

Later at night, it’s Kids On Stage at Main Street Theater, for which Minal dresses up as a princess so she can hang out with her friends Ollin, Kalyan, and Elizabeth and watch MST’s production of King Arthur, while I head out to Barnevelder to see Shunya Theater’s latest production 1-888-DIALINDIA.