07 Nov, 2015

a passing conversation…

07 Nov, 2015

I don’t go to Home Depot very often, but I dropped by today to exchange a toilet seat.

As the woman behind the counter processed my exchange, she threw out a comment to another woman working behind her: “I heard they closed down Planned Parenthood!”

“Really?” responded the other woman. “I think the federal government cut the funding, but I don’t think Planned Parenthood is closed.”

I jumped into the conversation: “I’m involved with Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. They’re not closed – they’ve lost federal funding, which is unfortunate since many women around Texas don’t have access to safe reproductive care. They have to drive hours before they can get support.”

Both cashiers were young women of color. They shook their heads at the same time. “That’s terrible,” they said.

I didn’t want to lecture, but I couldn’t stop myself: “It’s urgent that young women like you take action. You can sign petitions, join protests, writer letters – visit the Planned Parenthood website to learn more.”

Again, both women nodded. “We’ll do something.”

I drove away, feeling hopeful after listening to two women discuss Planned Parenthood, an organization that’s almost taboo to mention in US public spaces.