09 Dec, 2017

a tribute to nora…

09 Dec, 2017

Minal’s painting dedicated to Nora

Nora, our family’s beloved cat, passed away two days ago. Minal, René and I created a collaborative post in memory of her:

We miss hearing her nails clattering on the wooden floors as she descends the stairs.
We miss the meows with which she greets us as we enter the house.
We miss watching her use her paws and her nose to push open the door to check in on us when we’re in the bathroom.
We miss her seeing her at the bottom of the staircase ready to eat when we descend in the mornings.
We miss her considerate response during the weekend when after trying to wake us up for fresh food, she gives up and waits on the carpet until we get up (often hours after she makes her first request).
We miss her curling up with Minal when René and I are out.
We miss seeing her sleeping on Minal’s bed or on the cushion in front of the fire.
We miss watching her knead her favorite brown blanket.
We miss seeing her sunbathing on the cement balcony surface where she listens to birds and the wind.
We miss the meows she offers when she wishes to enter the house from the balcony.
We miss watching her explore the patio where she steps out to nibble on greenery.
We miss her when we sit down for a meal and she appears to request one for herself.
We miss the purrs that she offers any time we pet her.

We did not know that a cat could touch our lives so deeply.

August 2016: Nora peeking out of her carrier to look out of the airplane window during our flight from Houston to Los Angeles


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