15 Dec, 2016

an alternate planet…

15 Dec, 2016

I’ve spent most of my life protesting. As a teenager, I marched on Karachi streets in support of women’s rights, after which I went on to college to join divestment rallies in support of an Apartheid–free South Africa and Take Back the Night marches in New York. While based in Houston, I created art productions that focused on race and gender equity.

This month, though, I’m adjusting to being based in a part of the US that’s led by a progressive government where ”lawmakers announced bills that would provide attorneys to immigrants in the country illegally, refuse assistance to any proposed registry of Muslim immigrants and require any wall built along the Mexican border to first be approved by California voters.”

California feels as if it’s located in an alternate planet, especially as I read updates from spaces as close as Texas, and as far as Aleppo, where desperate citizens await evacuation.

14 Dec 2016 · 04:49:12 PM