05 Dec, 2015

another conversation…

05 Dec, 2015

As the bank teller processes my check, she asks: “You have a show tomorrow, don’t you?”

I look up from my phone, noticing her face for the first time. “Yes. We do. Are you on VBB’s mailing list?”

She nods. “I came to the show you did on the eastside. About women and Planned Parenthood. I’ve followed your work ever since.”

I have talked to this teller before. This time, I take her name, and thank her for following the work that I do through VBB. Even though the issues we explored through Women Under Siege – religious extremism and the impact on women’s lives – were frightening, I’m glad that the art we created three years ago still resonates with her.

And driving away, I marvel at how in just the space of a month I’ve had two conversations with young women of color in different parts of Houston, and they have talked with me about Planned Parenthood.