30 Jun, 2016

bumping into art and friends at airports…

Sehba Sarwar
30 Jun, 2016

At Houston’s Hobby Airport, as René, Minal and I walk toward our gate, I catch sight of glass art that has been installed along the tunnel between the gates and security entrance. Fuchsia glass streaked with yellow and purple stands out as sun rays pour through the west. I text my friend Jimmy Castillo who works with the Houston Art Alliance’s public art department to ask him the name of the artist whose work is installed.

Within seconds, Jimmy’s response pops up on my phone: Gordon Huether. Based on aerial photos of the Houston area. Are you at Hobby? I’m here working

When I ask him where he is, he texts back: I’m near the security checkpoint installing a suspended

I return toward the security gate and catch sight of Jimmy talking to workers as they plan the installation. Jimmy and I chat for a short while before I have to hurry to my departure gate – I’m flying to Los Angeles for a family wedding – and he has to return to work.

Walking away from Jimmy, I realize that as my family explores the possibility of living in Pasadena, California where René has just been offered a job, I will not bump into friends installing art at LAX. If we make the shift, I will have to stay a while before I find my groove in LA’s arts community.

29 Jun 2016 · 08:25:58 PM