07 Mar, 2019

carpool conversation…

07 Mar, 2019

carpool conversation on a foggy morning

This year, our carpool conversations have been limited–not because Minal and her friends don’t talk to each other–but because they sing songs that play off the radio. But today, the girls had something to say when I informed them that when their new school building opens after spring break, the school will have created “a secured campus” and the buildings will be locked from morning to afternoon.

“Because they don’t want kids skipping,” said one girl.

“Yeah, they’re always skipping,” added Minal.

“Actually,” I said, “they’re probably creating a secure campus because of the uncertainties around us.” I told them about a trench-coat-clad man who stabbed and killed a 52 year old man and had still not been found. “A private school near your building was on lockdown for many hours as the police combed the neighborhood–they still haven’t found him,” I added.

“Oh,” said Minal, her voice dipping. “They’re creating a secure campus because of the violence.”

“I feel better now,” added one of her friends. “I mean, I don’t want to have a locked campus, but we have to because of the reality around us…”