23 Jun, 2013

coming through the gap in the mountain on an elephant

23 Jun, 2013

my installation: Recreating Home

A description of the production:

Coming Through The Gap In The Mountain On An Elephant (CTGME) is an experimental exhibition at the University Museum of Texas Southern University, featuring installation, performance and mixed media works by select Houston artists. The artists selected for this exhibition are Regina Agu, Gregory Michael Carter, Nathaniel Donnett, Robert Hodge, Autumn Knight, Rosine Kouamen, Lovie Olivia, Phillip Pyle II, Sehba Sarwar, Michael Kahlil Taylor, and Monica Villareal. All of these artists radicalize art making by centering their own histories and cultures in their art practice. This exhibition seeks to concentrate these very different but related practices into the middle. Through a program of collaborative projects this show seeks to un-other the other, and bring the margin to the center.

Sehba Sarwar
My installation, Recreating Home, is an expression of my struggle to come to terms with living in a world where visa restrictions are enforced, and how I have to recreate a landscape for myself where I can redefine myself and my home.