03 Apr, 2017

food truck galore…

Sehba Sarwar
03 Apr, 2017

smorgusburg print on a wooden table

Today, we meandered into downtown LA to explore Smorgasburg, an initiative that sprung up last summer. Since then, every Sunday, gourmet restaurants park their food trucks in a warehouse parking lot, offering an array of dishes including paratha-tacos, drunken noodles, gourmet pizza, ice-cream, churros, a beer-garden, and more.

We arrived late, and many trucks were already closing their flaps. Still, we managed to assemble at one table with paper-boxes that overflowed with noodles, pizza, churros and tacos. Gates were being closed as we exited the parking, knowing that we would return soon.

02 Apr 2017 · 08:47:52 PM