05 Dec, 2014

“home” is where you go when you’ve lost everything…

Sehba Sarwar
05 Dec, 2014

On a quiet Thursday morning after sharing tea with eL Seed and Asad Ali Jafri – who are visiting Houston as part of the Mitchell Center’s Intersections project  at Doshi House, I drive them to Almeda Mosque, a square one-storied building that lacks a minaret. The building is marked by a sign that can be interpreted by those in search of a Muslim prayer space, and its entrance is closed off by a iron-barred fence.

As we meander back to the University of Houston, I tell them about my What Is Home? project. Both have responses to the question of home.

Home is where you go to when you’ve lost everything, comments eL Seed.

Home is this new open digital space that has no concrete objects, adds Asad.

eL Seed and crew installing his mural at the University of Houston