18 Oct, 2014

i feel at “home” when I’m relaxed and comfortable…

Sehba Sarwar
18 Oct, 2014

I converse with my friend/social worker/fellow-mother Stephanie, as we wait for our children to wrap-up soccer practice.

I feel at “home” when I’m relaxed and comfortable, and able to be completely myself with people around me.

The space that feels most like home to me is Stettler, Alberta, Canada (pop. 1,000) – a rural farm with no one around for miles. The core of “home” is the farm on the bald prairie; that’s what created me.

In one way, Houston is “home” – with family and friends and I work here. It’s a big city and I’m anonymous. But because it’s not the home of my family of origin, I never think of Houston that way.

If you’re from the farm, something about growing your own food is important. The farm is your identifier. Anything away from that life is almost like against that nationhood.” – Stephanie

This conversation is part of my What Is Home? project that is funded in part by Mid-America Art Alliance’s Artistic Innovations grant.