27 Aug, 2012

I’ve been writing about her…

27 Aug, 2012

I’ve been writing about my daughter Minal ever since I began blogging more than five years ago. And today, she decides to google me and finds herself in my blog. Her face lights up as she reads what I write about her. She finds a typo in one of my entries. I thank her and make the correction on my laptop. She refreshes the page on the family i-pad, finds the edit and beams.

“Are you going to blog that I helped you with your mistake?” she asks.

I nod.

And we know she’s growing up, but not so grownup that when I tell her she too can keep an electronic diary, she just smiles. Her eyes lower and she wrinkles her nose. Not ready for so much digital stuff – yet. But soon.

Tomorrow morning, is Minal’s first day at school as a second grader.