17 Jul, 2011

last minute attempts

17 Jul, 2011

I’ve been trying to go to Bohri Bazaar for weeks. Today, one day before my departure, I inform everyone, “I’m going.”

“The traffic’s supposed to be terrible,” my sister Beena says. “There’s some sort of strike—electrical company issues this time. And the streets are jammed.”

“Let’s just go,” I say. “If the traffic’s bad, we’ll just turn around.” I know that reaching the city center can be challenging at times, but I also have been trying to get to the bazaar for some footage and last minute shopping.

Shrugging her shoulders, my sister reverses the car and we pile in.

It takes us 45 minutes to cross the five mile distance and reach Hotel Metropole, and we still have a couple of miles to go. I finally give up and urge her to turn left while we still can. If we go further, we’ll be trapped in one-way lanes.

As we cross back over the Clifton flyover, I tell myself that at least I tried. And I did make it to Khajoor Bazaar.