16 Jan, 2008

Life continues to be turbulent. Those arrested…

16 Jan, 2008

Life continues to be turbulent. Those arrested yesterday were released on bail late last night, and today there was another bombing in Landhi in the outskirts of Karachi. Ten more were killed. On another note, on Sunday night, after posting about Justice Bhagwandas’ house arrest, and expressing doubt over Musharraf’s ability to move Pakistan toward election, I found that I couldn’t access my blog from Karachi while people outside Pakistan could.

Thanks to resourceful dissidents, people in Pakistan, India, China, Bangladesh and Iran can circumvent such blocks by visiting different sites so their internet activity cannot be tracked. With army rangers on the streets, censorship, mass arrests, and the added element of suicide bombing, I feel as if we regressing further back than the dark Zia days.

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