26 Oct, 2016

memory: a hatchback transformed…

Sehbar Sarwar
26 Oct, 2016

I step out to our street today and freeze at the sidewalk. In front of me rests a red Honda Civic Hatchback, identical to the first new car I bought in 1993. I drove my hatchback up until 2010, after which Eric Hester and I created an art car together, Digital Meets Pakistani Truck Art.

With nine screens, a microphone stand, truck art stickers and reflectors from markets in Karachi, the car won an Art Car Parade award. The car was dedicated to artists that inspire me: Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Patti Smith, Iqbal Bano and Liz Alexander, who had just passed away.

In 2013, just as I parked the car at Ken Crimmins’ The Silo – “a resting spot for art cars” – my hatchback’s timing belt broke. I have not seen the car since then.

Sehba Sarwar

25 Oct 2016 · 04:51:17 PM