29 Jul, 2012

more music, this time in jamshoro…

29 Jul, 2012

The drive from Karachi to Jamshoro is more than two hours long, but we pass the time with chatting with each other. Even though we planned to be at Saif Samejo’s home for Iftari, we stop at Ali Baba gas station so our driver, Dilawar, can take an Iftar break, where free tea, samosas and pakoras are being served in the parking lot.

Once we reach Saif’s home, we’re escorted to the upstairs verandah where the musicians from Tharparkar sit on the rillis, awaiting our arrival. After being fed a homemade meal of dahi-bara, fresh fruit, we sit back and listen to live music. The sun has already set and when the electricity slips away, we ask Saif not to turn on the generator; a dark breezy terrace under a half-moon is the perfect setting to experience the music.

We manage to arrive back in Karachi at 3:30 in the morning, just an hour before sehri-time. The city is awake as we drive through Guru Mandir to drop off Aslam. Men sit on benches outside the canteens sipping tea before they begin their fast. We drive toward home, knowing that we’ll be back on the road again in just a few hours, this time heading out for Badin, five hours away from Karachi.