11 Oct, 2012

neighborhood realities…

11 Oct, 2012

I’m trying to find a home to host VBB’s next living room art production, but even though I’m talking to a lot of people, no one’s offering his or her house. Either people live in new homes, which they don’t want to showcase, or else, older residents are living in small spaces, which are already full. When we create living room art shows, we look for homes that are sparse, so we can transform them without having to strip all the walls and clear out a lot of furniture.

Also, as I walk the streets, experiencing the old bricks, I have more time to take in the history of the neighborhood. My mind is spinning. Perhaps this VBB production will be different – maybe we’ll do something on the streets. I’m also realizing that most people won’t want to drive into Freedmen’s Town at night.

Even though I can’t find a home for the production, I do manage to find a neighborhood space for an artist meeting; Kenny hasn’t rented out his space yet, and when I call him to ask if we can meet in his townhome, he immediately offers it to me. “It’s not rented yet…” he says. “I’m still painting the walls.”