04 Feb, 2017

the big day…

04 Feb, 2017

author Kate DiCamillo with Minal

Ever since Minal learns that she won first place in the Scholastic Reader’s Raymie Nightingale contest, she has been waiting for young adult author Kate DiCamillo’s visit to her school, Blair Middle and High School.

The two months slip away in the midst of political unraveling around us, and this morning, when I drop Minal to school, the day feels like any other. But a few hours later, once I return to campus to join the middle school assembly, there is celebration in the air with balloons, posters and middle school students gathered in the gymnasium. Minal and her English teacher, Christine McLaughlin, sit in front of a cheering audience while Kate DiCamillo shares slides and talked about her journey as a writer.

Afterwards, DiCamillo walks between students, answering questions (“What’s your favorite book?” “Are you married?” and “Do you still write two pages every day?”). Once the public session ends, Minal and her teacher escort Kate to Minal’s class, where Kate DiCamillo signs books for Minal’s classmates, who receive t-shirts, a copy of Kate’s Raymie Nightingale, and pizza (funded by the Scholastic Reader).

“It was wonderful to see Minal stand up there and take in all the applause with poise,” DiCamillo tells me before leaving campus. “I know she’s going to be a writer!”

Postscript: A few days later, Kate DiCamillo adds a note on her FB page – click here to read.

Sehbar Sarwar
03 Feb 2017 · 04:54:43 PM