16 Dec, 2007

There are moments of peace…

16 Dec, 2007

There are moments of peace in this crazy city. Today, we took a 45 minute drive to visit Hawkes Bay beach. Winter-time is an amazing time to be out here; the Arabian Sea is calm and the coastline clear.

Common sights include men walking by with horses and camels trying to induce beach visitors to take rides, fisherman on small foam-rafts collecting fish in nets and other stray sights (the usual donkey cart, camel cart, man with the snake and mongoose).

The calm of the beach is temporary. Much of the bay has already been sold to developers and it’s a matter of time before the flat open beach is wiped away, ancient fishing villages destroyed and thousands of people displaced. All for what? The usual: to make room for the rich. In Karachi, there is never a stortage of stories to tell.