11 Apr, 2009

This year, once again, there's been…

11 Apr, 2009

This year, once again, there’s been a national movement around the US to organize a 40-Day protest (the six weeks prior to the Christian Easter holiday) against institutions that provide abortion services. As always, Planned Parenthood, an organization that offers so many important health services to women, and has the courage to stand up against vigilantes around the country, is at the forefront of all actions planned.

On Good Friday, a group of men and women camp outside Planned Parenthood’s barricaded building on Fannin. A woman who stands holding a sign along with her ten-year old son tells me: “I have to talk to the women who go in there.” She points to the barricaded building. “I don’t want them to make the mistake I almost did. I do this because I love life.”

When I ask her if she’s considered how her words might affect those who have given significant thought to the choice they’re about to make (as all women do), she says: “Yes, but it is the child that matters.”

I guess, in her eyes, and in the eyes of others like her, the lives of women who have to make certain choices don’t matter.

The group that ran Houston’s 40 days against abortion has already started organizing against Planned Parenthood’s new building that is under construction.