05 Mar, 2009

Today's bombing of the Sri Lankan…

05 Mar, 2009

Today’s bombing of the Sri Lankan cricket players has left people both inside and outside Pakistan reeling. In her IPS story, Beena Sarwar says, “…(the) armed attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in the historic city of Lahore in Pakistan has sent shockwaves through a country already racked by regular suicide and other attacks.”

In the Guardian, Kamila Shamsie says: “With the attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore, that alternative narrative lies so wounded it’s hard to imagine how it will ever recover. How can we ask anyone to visit us, if even cricketers aren’t safe?”

And from Swat, the silence continues, as Zubeida Mustafa writes in her piece, “For the Women of Swat.”

It’s hard to know where Pakistan is heading. In the meantime, in Houston today, Karachi was celebrated as Houston’s sister city.