29 Sep, 2014

what is home?…

29 Sep, 2014

“When you ask the question ‘what is home?’ are you talking about a physical space or an emotional place?” asks my friend Yaksha. “Those are two different things.”

“This is not an easy question to answer,” comments my friend Jaspal with whom I’ve been discussing my project over the last year. This Sunday afternoon, we sit in Jaspal’s living room, brainstorming survey questions and social gatherings for my What Is Home? project. “The word ‘home’ can mean so many different things to people…”

Yaksha and I nod, sipping the masala chai that Jaspal prepared for us. Outside the windows, sun rays shift between patches of drizzle.

“Just drinking this tea and sitting with friends makes me feel as if I’m home,” says Yaksha. “And your question is so simple – home’s a subject we all reflect on – yet we don’t often converse with each other about this idea…”

As I work on my project, I find that even though many anthologies and talks have been produced around the subject of home and belonging, the very word home generates conversation and reflection.