19 Jul, 2008

art in houston …

19 Jul, 2008

Art in Houston – this is the short piece that I presented at Houston Center for Photography’s Lens Libs:

Today I am remembering the sunny morning when William Pope.L began a crawl at Freedmen’s Town and pushed his way on his hands and knees all the way to glassy downtown Houston. Until that morning, I never knew how painful a crawl could be. I pushed for ten yards and then got up with scraped knees and palms.

Donning an orange blazer, I helped Sixto with traffic, so William Pope.L and Laura Lark who were down deep on Dallas Street’s tarmac wouldn’t get hit by the SUVs that passed by.

Today I am thinking about the time we took students to see FotoFest’s Guantánamo photo exhibition. I especially remember the open jaws of teenagers from Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan when they learned that all Guantánamo prisoners were Muslim.

And today I am remembering the tall black clothing installation that nearly scraped the ceiling at The Station during its “Made in Palestine” exhibition that heralded an exciting new art-space in Houston.