27 Jun, 2008

he performs his poem…

27 Jun, 2008

he performs his poem. when he is finished, he smiles and takes a deep bow. his electric words, his energy, and his appearance in sharp black pants and snazzy striped black and white shirt dazzle the women.

afterwards, his caring teacher drives him back to school. but at the end of a day filled with applause and excitement, he returns to the homeless shelter where he’s staying, because he’s been evicted from his apartment, and before that he was evicted from his house by his mother, and in between he was evicted out of another teacher’s house because he threw a party and the management told the teacher it’s either you or the boy.

so he goes back to the shelter and shuttles between shelter and school, school and shelter. and somewhere in between, he decides enough is enough, and so he gets into a fight, is arrested and is now locked up in a jail for “assault.”

today i am grieving the boy, for the final straw that triggered him to react and do what he did. and now he has to find his way out of the corner in which he’s locked himself. and we all know that even if he gets out this time, life will remain a minefield for him. there are no simple answers to this vicious cycle.