17 Sep, 2008

Houston is slowly struggling to…

17 Sep, 2008

Houston is slowly struggling to a semblance of normalcy. The sun is shining, and incrementally, rain water is being drained and fallen trees are being removed, though some roads are still closed off. Grocery stores have no produce, dairy, eggs or meat. Most gas stations are closed. The ones that are open have lines longer than 50 cars queuing up on the streets and blocking traffic.

Police officers direct angry drivers as fights break out. The school district is closed for the full week, but today, the universities reopened, as administrators attempt to pretend that life in Houston is normal. There is nothing normal about today, a cool windy day in September.

Our house has been without electricity for more than 4 days but we are lucky; at least we have water and our house did not suffer any damage unlike many of our neighbors. Café Flores is open, so we’re camped out here catching up on email and work.