23 Mar, 2018

taking a break…

23 Mar, 2018

This week, our spring break, René, Minal, and I boarded a flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which is just two hours away from Los Angeles. When we landed in Puerto Vallarta, the airport was filled with tourists from the US, who were doing the same thing as we were: taking time away.

During our four-day vacation, we spent time at the beach, dined in upscale and street restaurants, and explored the landscape. Rather than rent a car from a multinational company, we chose a one-woman car rental agency. Maria met us at her office, where she pitched cruises and whale-watching.

Our car, a ten-year-old Toyota, served us well until our last day when we loaded up to drive to the airport and noticed a tire that was low in air that soon went flat. Maria met us on a side street in downtown Puerto Vallarta, helped René change the tire after which she rode with us to the airport. There, she bid us goodbye and drove away in her car that was once again available for tourist rental.

On the airplane, we debriefed on our trip, and decided that though Puerto Vallarta beaches were stunning and the food memorable, next time we would want return to the Yucatan which René and I visited years ago, or else drive to Huatulco in the south. Mexico has no shortage of cities, excavation sites, art, and beaches to explore.